An important addition of our company is our packaging and assembly department, SocioPack. Here, less complex and repetitive tasks – such as labeling, packing, and assembling – are carried out by employees with a distance to the labor market.

For the more than 25 employees who work here, this means that they have a full-fledged job and can participate in society. Potentially, these quiet forces can grow and fill a role in the primary production process. For De Mercuur, this means that we can fulfill our social role and perform less complex tasks in a cost-effective way.

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Outsourcing your tasks to sociopack?

To actually provide all employees of SocioPack with work, we also take on less complex and repetitive tasks from other companies. There are also possibilities for your company to outsource tasks to the employees of SocioPack. Curious about the possibilities? Feel free to contact us.

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