Deep Drawing

Deep drawing, also known as metal pressing, is a technique similar to metal spinning that allows for the seamless and chipless deformation of metal. Unlike metal spinning, deep drawing can press metal into any desired shape. We use a die and a counter-die for this, which we also manufacture in-house. Particularly, the combination of spinning and deep drawing adds significant value. Various production phases can be executed using these two techniques, resulting in an optimal final product.

Dieptrekken- De Mercuur

Innovation and robotization

Developments in the market are moving at a rapid pace. To maintain our top position, we are continuously innovating. We do this not only to improve ourselves but also, and especially, to ensure that we can continue to offer you the optimal balance between quality, price, and delivery reliability. To realize this, automation and robotization play an important role. Our robots ensure a qualitatively good repeating smart process and produce continuously. In addition, it makes us less dependent on labor market shortages.

Forceren- De Mercuur


“Pottery with metal”. That’s how we jokingly refer to spinning. This extremely efficient production technique makes it possible to seamlessly …

3D-Lasersnijden bij de Mercuur

3D laser cutting

With 3D laser cutting, spun and/or deep-drawn products can be post-processed. This is done by freely cutting parts from the …

De Mercuur | CNC- Automatendraaien

Automatic Turning

Automatic turning is a production technique where bar material is automatically fed and machined into the desired final product. It …

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