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Four techniques, one company. At De Mercuur, you will find everything in the field of metal spinning, deep drawing, 3D laser cutting, CNC automatic turning, and packing and assembling of metal semi-manufactured parts under one roof. With over 70 years of experience and a fully automated and robotized machine park, we are the metal specialist in the mentioned fields in Europe. What do we stand for? Quality, reliability, flexibility, and of course, the right price. All with a personal touch.

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Our specialists work with (a combination of) four techniques in the production of metal, industrial semi-manufactured products. Particularly, the combination of these four techniques makes us unique. You have all the necessary knowledge and expertise with one supplier.

Forceren- De Mercuur


“Pottery with metal”. That’s how we jokingly refer to spinning. This extremely efficient production technique makes it possible to seamlessly …

Dieptrekken- De Mercuur

Deep Drawing

Deep drawing, also known as metal pressing, is a technique similar to metal spinning that allows for the seamless and …

3D-Lasersnijden bij de Mercuur

3D laser cutting

With 3D laser cutting, spun and/or deep-drawn products can be post-processed. This is done by freely cutting parts from the …

De Mercuur | CNC- Automatendraaien

Automatic Turning

Automatic turning is a production technique where bar material is automatically fed and machined into the desired final product. It …

De Mercuur- Industriële Halffabricaten

About De Mercuur

Do you want to optimize your processes, so you can offer your product more cost-effectively? Then De Mercuur is your partner. We offer solutions for the supply of metal, industrial semi-finished products, by combining spinning, deep drawing, 3D laser cutting, and automatic turning. In addition, we can pack and assemble products for you.

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